Free SNAP EBT Equipment Program

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Thank you for your interest in FMC’s SNAP EBT Equipment Program! With an influx of applications, we have obligated all of our available funds at this time. More funds may become available soon, so we encourage interested farmers markets and direct marketing farmers to continue to apply. New applicants will be placed on a waitlist, and will be first to access any new funds that become available.
For information on eligibility requirements and equipment options, (link is external) see our program flyer here. (link is external) To apply for a SNAP permit or learn about how the USDA is supporting farmers markets and SNAP shoppers, click here (link is external).


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Farmers Market Coalition (FMC) have made funds available to provide eligible farmers markets and direct marketing farmers with free electronic benefit transfer (EBT) equipment necessary to process Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. (More Info)The USDA defines a farmers market as a fixed location where two or more farmer-producers sell agricultural goods they've produced (particularly fresh fruit and vegetables, but also meat products, dairy products, and grains) directly to consumers. Direct marketing farmers are farmer-producers that sell goods they've produced directly to consumers.

FMC’s Free SNAP EBT Program Eligibility Requirements
Farmers markets and direct marketing farmers (who sell at one or more farmers markets) are eligible for up to three years of free SNAP EBT equipment and service through FMC’s Free SNAP EBT Equipment Program if they are currently SNAP authorized, AND:

  1. Do not currently possess functioning EBT equipment; OR
  2. Currently possess functioning EBT equipment, but received that equipment before May 2, 2012.

If the above requirements apply to you, then you’re in the right place! To apply, you’ll need to provide some basic information about your farmers market or farm, your SNAP Permit number (also known as your FNS number), and a completed W9 form. (You can download a blank W9 form here, or use this site to e-sign a W9 online.) Click below to start FMC’s Free SNAP EBT Equipment Program Application.




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